Kets +

Imagine also means expanding one’s horizon. Collaborating with others can yield new insights and ideas. And new ideas can lead to new prints and products…. Assorted new items have originated as the result of collaboration with fellow designers, photographers and artists, and more are in the works. Several of these items are shown on the website.

Kets + Peter Bliek ( photos for the banners for the Ketsdesign website

Kets + Wouter Van der Tol ( : stylist and photographer. Series: Passage. This collaboration has resulted in a series of exclusive fabrics, scarves and very special cushions.

Kets + Chris Meijers ( Chris Meijers has included several prints of Kets design in her collection. These prints are made to measure for Chris, so that she can make tailor-made garments for her customers. One of these joint products was worn by Paulien Krikke at her inauguration as mayor of The Hague.

Kets + Anker styling ( Marianne van de Anker gives advice on color and styling. In collaboration, a series of scarves has been designed for various color types.

Kets + Het Lab ( ) Scarf: Rozet, for the staff of the library in Arnhem originated in collaboration with the Lab.        

Kets + Jan ter Heide ( ) From this collaboration a lecture for the EMTC (European master tailor competition) was created, followed by a series of workshops for tailors, coupeuses and fashion  schools.

Kets + Het BMA  (   With the substantive support of the BMA, Mechtild Kets and Jan ter Heide developed a series of inspiring workshops for the fashion field.